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What is OpenSoils?

OpenSoils is a 100% Brazilian data-centric system focused on soil governance, designed by a leading university in the fields of Agriculture, Soils, and Computing. OpenSoils is a distributed, multiuser, intelligent, elastic, scalable framework for the execution of open science, e-science and open data in the area of ​​Soil Safety and Service Computing. Our software solution aims to contribute to solving problems of sustainability and data management of large soil mapping projects. It enables the systematic collection and analysis of soil profiles and boreholes through a set of smart-applications. Also, we offer soil sampling analyses facilities using data provenance and other data-centric techniques.

OpenSoils allows the generation of reports and digital maps; import and integration of large volumes of legacy data in various repositories dispersed in the form of "data islands." Our solution also offers smart-services for searching and sharing open data cured with explicit semantics, analysis based on techniques of artificial intelligence applied to large volumes of soils.

OpenSoils offers all this with security, professionalism, and reliability.

Our Platform

On-site soils data collection

OpenSoils offers facilities since data collection up to data curation services and storage of data and images through mobile devices and cloud computing.

Screening of samples and soil analysis

OpenSoils enables certified laboratories that execute physical and chemical analysis of soil samples to interact with our database that is capable of processing large volumes of cured data and tagged data with retrospective provenance metadata.

Ingestion and transformation of large amounts of legacy data

OpenSoils offers ingestion services and the transformation of large volumes of legacy data based on scientific workflows specially developed to treat heterogeneous data and open data.

Secure access, data analytics, and online maps

OpenSoils is an open and secure platform that allows different types of users to manage, query, extract, export, share and analyze large volumes of cured images and data from soil samples

Reproducibility, transparency on soil security

OpenSoils is the first platform that allows the screening of scientific experiments in soil safety and mapping, increasing its reproducibility and offering greater transparency and audibility of soil projects. Our platform allows the execution of multiuser projects with security and high performance.

Education and services in soils

OpenSoils is a platform that allows for collaborative work, grants personalized access to farmers, decision makers, and soil scientists. It is the only platform with responsive interfaces fully integrated with educational services of ​​UFRRJ. Education is our strength!

Managing soil data easily!

✔ Get rid of paper and clipboard; our applications make it easy to collect and transmit data directly from the field to our cloud.

✔ Get rid of spreadsheets, OpenSoils allows users to query cured and tagged soils data with provenance, also extract and share data; it is fully compatible with the Open Definition.

✔ Manage professional or academic soils projects and studies of soils with velocity, security, and efficiency. OpenSoils has the best database of soils in the world.

OpenSoils is NOW available for Android and IOS platforms, and our apps provide all the comfort and convenience that only distributed computing offers.

Download it today; it is FREE!

OpenSoils Field

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OpenSoils Edu

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Provide soil information with quality and transparency, being easily usable by all sectors of society, from students, researchers to decision makers.


Make every effort to provide digitized information of soils, using the most modern technologies for acquiring, managing and processing large volumes of data.


Soils are a crucial asset of humanity, so soil information should be available to all to support soil security actions.

Our story

OpenSoils is a platform that is being developed in many hands; its transdisciplinary theme allowed the collaboration between teachers and researchers establishing a win-win partnership between the PET-SI group and the Department of Computing and Soils at Rural Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

Our history is still in its beginning; we started our activities in January 2017 in the PET-SI Room of UFRRJ with a small team of young entrepreneurs. Despite the short time and the numerous difficulties, we have already begun, we are following, with great affection and dedication, the trail of innovation and technological development focused on open science.

Also, we aim to contribute to the grand challenges of Soil Governance and Security in Brazil and also to the sustainability challenges of the UN; our passion is to provide a differentiated training for all involved in this project.

Our awards

The platform that is in your hands has emerged from real-world needs to address real-world problems!

It is being created by a transdisciplinary team of young pioneers and innovators.